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Radionics is an advanced complementary therapy in which the practitioner uses pendulum dowsing (a form of Radiesthesia) in combination with Radionic instruments to discover and correct what are termed ‘energy imbalances’ in the patient. These imbalances can result from many possible causes, such as emotional and psychological shock, trauma and other difficulties, exposure to toxins and poisons (such as heavy metals), viral and other infections, nutritional and related deficiencies, allergies, geopathic and other environmental stressors, miasms, and even various forms of occult attack and interference.

In some cases these impacts result in deep and long-lasting health problems which may defy orthodox medical solutions. In practice the objective of Radionics is, broadly speaking, to enhance the body by strengthening the patient’s immune system and self-healing capacity; to remove harmful poisons and toxins at energetic, emotional and psychological levels; and to increase the patient’s energy and sense of well-being not only at the physical but also at the emotional, mental and even spiritual levels. This is done by careful analysis of the patient with a view to determining the cause of the problems. The relationships between cause and effect may not be simple. One or two ‘deep’ disturbances which are not immediately apparent may be the underlying source of a cascade of seemingly-unrelated symptoms.

In common with Homoeopathy, Radionics holds that each person has a Vital Force or energy field, which, if disturbed, results in symptoms in the Physical Body. Radionics also proposes a structure to this energy field, the Subtle Anatomy, which comprises the Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual dimensions of the human being. Radionics recognises and utilises many concepts from Asian and Oriental medicine, such as Chakras and Nadis(from Yoga) and Meridians (from Acupuncture). This structure is used in analysis. The where in the field is known as a Location and any impact to that Location is described as a Factor; the impact of any Factor is qualitatively tested as a percentage deviation from normality. Radionic treatment attempts to re-order or re-tune the personal energy field; this is process is known as ‘normalising’. No Radionic treatment will directly affect any physical organ or cell in any way. Orthodox science does not accept the existence of the Vital Force and therefore implicitly denies any connection between it and the physical body. Therefore no causal connection between Radionic treatment and any improvement or change in the symptoms of any illness has been established by science.

Many Radionic practitioners work remotely from their patients, who may be located anywhere in the world. The patient supplies a small sample of hair and describes their symptoms. From this the practitioner is able to build up an analysis, which in turn leads to treatment procedures. Treatment itself is usually remote, or ‘broadcast’ as it is sometimes termed, and the patient should be in regular contact with the practitioner to report on his or her progress. The Radionic practitioner does not work without the consent of the patient and Radionics should not be considered as magic or some form of magical art.

Radionics was originally developed in San Francisco by Dr Albert Abrams (1863 – 1924) and has advanced over the years as a result of the dedicated efforts of many practitioners and a number of outstanding personalities, such as Dr Ruth Drown (USA), and George de la Warr, David Tansley and Malcolm Rae (UK). The UK is, feasibly, the main centre for Radionic practice in the world today.

One of the fundamental propositions resulting from Abrams’ work is that everything which exists has a unique vibrational signature. These signatures are represented in Radionics by various systems of codes. A number of coding systems are in use. The most common are Rates, which are simple numeric descriptors. Malcolm Rae introduced the Magneto-Geometric system (see the MGA page on this website), which describes signatures in terms of their angular relationship to the earth’s magnetic field. Other systems include Nick Franks’ Alpha-Numeric method, which uses letters, numbers, shapes and colours  to provide a psychoactivated symbology which operates in conjunction with the appropriate Radionic instruments.

Radionic codes are used for both testing and treatment and cover a vast range, including, for example, the entire human anatomy and physiology; pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites; many forms of poisons and toxins; many diseases; and many other factors which may counteract a range of problems. These may include, for example, Homoeopathic remedies, Flower remedies, Gem Essences, Colours, Antidote patterns for bacteria and viruses, Herb and Plant energy patterns, Radionic therapeutic commands, and numerous other such vibrational sources.

This range allows the practitioner to draw on a large number of possible solutions for the patient and his or her skill lies in finding not only the source of the patient’s problems but also the most appropriate remedy. The practitioner may also dowse for the suitability to the patient of non-Radionic therapies, and practitioners may also work alongside orthodox medical procedures and other complementary medical practitioners if required. Radionic techniques are also used successfully in the treatment of animals, and in agriculture.

It should be emphasized that no Radionic treatments directly affect any physical system, structure or sub-structure in the organism i.e. organs, cells, tissues etc. Thus they cannot be compared with allopathic or even herbal treatments, which require some form of biochemical action or interaction in order to have an effect.

The use of appropriately-designed instruments is central to Radionic work. Although many instruments defy existing rules of electronic design, in fact there is an underlying rationale and a developing design philosophy. Instruments such as the ANT (Alpha-Numeric Transducer, made by Nick Franks) may be considered – for example – to be a type of sample-and-hold device which stands in or substitutes for the practitioner, who otherwise could be easily exhausted by the process of having to hold a focus of intent on a number of patients. It is arguable that instruments can be more effective, providing the treatment or treatments are accurately and appropriately selected, since the combination of instrument and codes forms an unwavering tuned energy node within the field. By way of contrast the practitioner also has to live a life and cannot guarantee to hold his or her close attention of the patient at all times. This can be particularly demanding where the patient is very ill.

Radionics has been subjected to withering criticism by sceptics, but the root of their difficulty appears to be that they can find no rationale for Radionic actions in conventional science and it is therefore thought to be some kind of magic or fraud. In 21st Century Radionics Nick Franks argues that Radionic actions have their origin in the structure of Nature and result from the tuned interaction of focused human consciousness with the fields which substand material reality.

Radionic treatment is NOT a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. Persons who are experiencing health problems should always seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.