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ALPHA-NUMERIC TRANSDUCER ELM – Extended-Range LM Potency Radionic Instrument

The ANT ELM (ALPHA-NUMERIC TRANSDUCER – Extended-Range LM Potency Radionic Instrument) is a specialised unit intended for the production of vibrational remedies over the potency range LM1 – LM150.

LM potencies were described by Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) in the 6th edition of the Organon. Instead of a dilution step of 1/100 (used with centisimal potencies) the dilution becomes 1/50000, i.e. the quinqaugenimillesimal scale. The objective of LM potencies is to provide a very gentle stimulus to the patient’s Dynamis, the idea being to avoid any strong so-called aggravation or healing reaction. Thus LM potencies would be judged particularly suitable for persons who are very weak or chronically ill, where any urgent demand on the vital force (Dynamis) could overwhelm it, with potentially negative results.

Hahnemann’s concept is that the homoeopathic remedy is a sort of artificial disease which when ingested is imposed on the Dynamis. In attempting to remove this artificial disease – if the remedy is correctly selected – the Dynamis will be sufficiently stimulated as to also remove any actual symptoms of illness. A homoeopathic remedy may also be thought of as an attractor in a phase space, in that within acceptable limits of variation it helps reassert order over a system which is disordered, has potentially disrupted its normal boundaries, and is quite feasibly heading towards greater disorder (more illness). From this standpoint, the LM remedy is intended to act very gently to reassert order if the Dynamis is weakened to the point where any strong remedial action may end in disorder (longer-term increase in symptoms).

The ANT ELM instrument may be used to make any remedy in the Radionic canon in LM potency. This includes Radionic commands; Homoeopathic remedies; Gem, Mineral and Crystal remedies; Colour remedies; Plant and Herb remedies; Flower essence-type remedies; and so on.

The ANT ELM instrument is particularly suitable for working with remedies and remedy patterns derived from the companion LRI-ULTRA instrument, and ANT cards. It may also be used with MGA (Rae) Cards; standard Radionic Rates; and even existing vibrational remedies, used as sources.

The potency setting range is divided into 5 groups:

LM 1 – 30
LM 31 – 60
LM 61 – 90
LM 91 – 120
LM 121 – 150

The groups are selected using a rotary switch. In conjunction with this switch is found a continuously variable rotary potentiometer numbered 0 – 30 in integer steps. A lookup table is provided which enables the settings of switch and potentiometer to be correlated in order to easily find the desired potency.

A DIRECT mode is also provided, which enables the ELM to be used as a 1:1 copying instrument.

In addition, ANT ELM may be used for distant treatment (Radionic broadcast) via the patient’s witness. In this case a pulse tone (.mp3 files supplied) should be added to the instrument via the PULSE input connector.

For further information contact Nick Franks: