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Small Radionic Instrument


Low-cost and versatile, the SRI is, basically, a smaller version of the MRI instrument also shown on this website. SRI is made from satin-anodised aluminium and is the same size as a credit card. It is easily portable. Using a proprietary process the aluminium has been brought into a state of energetic coherence. As a result SRI can be used with appropriate codes and remedies to give distant treatment to humans, animals and plants. The SRI can also be used with mantras, seals, symbols (such as runes), talismans and other geometric and active diagrams.

Some of the methods which can be used with SRI have their origin in Radionics but may be new to the reader. Radionics is a healing art which has been in existence for over 100 years. The Radionic practitioner uses Radiesthesic methods such as dowsing to analyse disturbances to the energy field of a human or other living organism. It is thought that such disturbances may be the origin of symptoms experienced by the patient. Dowsing may then be used to find appropriate treatments which may rectify the energetic disturbance. Treatment is often given at a distance, and it is as possible to treat someone on the other side of the world as it is in the next street.

The patient normally provides a small snip of hair, which is used by the practitioner as a ‘witness’. In Radionic practice, detailed charts and instruments such as some of those illustrated on this website are used to assist in the patient’s analysis and treatment. Treatments are generally performed using codes and symbols; these represent the remedies being used. Radionics is an exacting art and should be not be used without careful study and training. However, various treatments, such as Bach flower remedies, some commonly-used homoeopathic remedies, and gems such as quartz and amethyst are widely available. These are intended for use by everyone, and they can be used with SRI.


A more detailed set of information is provided with the instrument.

1. With flower essences, gems and homoeopathic remedies: experienced dowsers may use the pendulum to select appropriate treatments. Otherwise read the literature accompanying the remedies and choose that which seems most appropriate to the symptoms displayed. The remedy may then be stood on the SRI with a small hair sample from the person to be treated. The hair sample should be kept in a small envelope or grip-seal bag. The remedy should be placed at one end of the SRI and the hair sample at the other end.

Treatment may be given initially for up to 8 hours. The person’s reaction should then be assessed and if there is benefit it may be useful to continue for another 8 hours, the next day. Treatment should not, typically, not be given more than 8 hours in any 24.

SRI is non-destructive, in that it can be used with, or to copy, existing remedies without disturbing or destroying them.

2. With ANT cards, MGA cards and number Rates printed on card: these codes are specific to Radionics and can be used on the SRI. Place the card at one end of the plate and the hair sample at the other. Treatment time as per flower essences etc. Experienced dowsers may check treatment progress using a pendulum.


3. With seals, symbols and talismans: many types of seal and symbol have been widely used for centuries to try and achieve certain results and change one’s life circumstances. These can be used with the SRI as follows: print or copy the selected seal or symbol on to a piece of paper. The paper should, preferably, not be much bigger than the SRI itself. Both photocopies and computer scans are acceptable. It is usually necessary to have an invocation to work with the seal or symbol. This can be written on the back of the paper. If you do not know what to write, use the following wording:

‘I invoke the mystic and ineffable power of this sacred talisman and the spiritual forces associated with it to assist me in all my endeavours.’


You may wish to sign your name under the invocation. The seal or symbol should be placed with the invocation facing the SRI and the symbol face up. It may be necessary to leave the symbol on the SRI for at least a week, and perhaps longer. If you create your own invocation, you may wish to append the Latin words ‘Haud Harum’. This means – ‘no harm to self or others’. Do NOT use the SRI to perform actions such as curses and maledictions against other people.

4. With mantrams: Mantrams may be used in a similar way to symbols, except that it is not necessary to use an invocation. Simply write the mantra on to the front of the paper and sign the back, or use with a witness.

5. With active diagrams: a wide range of Radiesthesic (active) diagrams are available in France and Belgium from suppliers such as Maison de la Radiesthesie and L’Espace Crystale (Paris) and Editions Servranx (Brussels). The SRI may in some cases be used to increase the energetic potential of the active diagrams. Typically the centre of the active part of the diagram should be place over the SRI. The diagram should then be used as instructed by the supplier.

7. Against geopathic stress lines: the study of geopathic stress and its effects usually requires advanced dowsing skills. SRI when correctly placed in the path of a negative line may block the level of geopathic stress effectively.

8. With mobile (cell) phones: the SRI may be placed in contact or in a case with a mobile phone. When the case is closed the SRI can strongly reduce inharmonious waves emanating from the phone without disturbing its normal function.

General comment: There are two aspects using the SRI. The first is personal intent, i.e. your personal intent. This is the most important part. The second part, the action taken, is, in effect, intended to focus and amplify your intention. The SRI supplies the ‘energy’, but it is you who supplies the impetus and action. Therefore be careful; Nick Franks and NF CONSULTANCY SERVICES accept no responsibility for how you use the SRI or the results you obtain. Practise with small actions first and if you are satisfied develop your techniques.


Care and Maintenance: The SRI should not lose its energy flow with normal handling. It should not be affected by magnetism, X-Rays or other electro-magnetic fields. Avoid scratches and marks and treat the SRI carefully. If the SRI becomes dirty you can clean it using a soft cloth.

Energetic Cleaning: It should not be necessary to clean the energy field of the SRI.


WARNING: The SRI plate is not a medical device and is not a substitute for medical treatment and under no circumstances should you consider it to be so. If you are concerned about any condition or symptom you or any other person are experiencing, see a licensed medical practitioner immediately. It is also not a magical or miracle device and we take no responsibility for any effect or action which may or may not happen as a result of you using the SRI plate.

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