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Warning and Disclaimer

This website contains information about Radionics, Radionic instruments, and various other aspects of Radionics, Radiesthesia, and alternative and complementary medicine (hereinafter ‘Radionics’ or ‘Radionic’). This website is authored by Nick Franks (hereinafter ‘Nick Franks’ or ‘the author’). As a condition precedent of reading this site, you will understand that:

1. Nothing written or illustrated in this website should be interpreted as, or understood to be, a claim, express or implied, that Radionic analysis or treatment, instruments, codes and other methods and equipment described in this website have any therapeutic value of any kind. They will not identify the nature, character or medical classification of any symptom; relieve any symptom; or remove any health problem or cure any disease, and should not be used for such purposes. Radionics should not be used to diagnose or prognose health conditions in humans or other organisms, such as animals. If you think you have an illness or health problem, you should consult a licensed medical practitioner. The same comments apply to Radiesthesic (dowsing) procedures, used inside, or outside, the context of Radionics.

2. The practice of Radionics may be illegal or of doubtful legal status in some countries. Nothing in this website should be interpreted or understood to be an encouragement or suggestion by the author to the reader to take up Radionics or Radiesthesia or to break any law or statute.

3. Various methods of using Radionics and Radiesthesia are indicated in this website. These are not binding methodologies and should not be considered the only, best, or exclusive means by which Radionic and Radiesthesic actions should be performed. Every Radionic practitioner tends to have his or her own individual approach, and these approaches may vary considerably from anything described in this website. In addition the Internet has various persons making extravagant claims for Radionics and these should be treated with great caution. Radionic work in particular requires a high degree of skill, training and experience. If you are interested in Radionic treatment, find an authorised practitioner, for example, through the Radionic Association Ltd ( in the UK.

4. This website contains some citations and quotations from various authors. These citations are for illustrative purposes only and their use should not be taken to suggest, imply or infer that any such author supports, agrees with or validates Radionics.

5. This website is not an e-commerce website. Radionic instruments developed and manufactured by Nick Franks are available for purchase and you should contact him directly for further information. Nick Franks does not manufacture or sell MGA (Rae) cards or instruments.

6. With the exception of information about Malcolm Rae and MGA, this website is the result of the Nick Franks’s own research and development and is for information purposes only. In general, the Nick Franks and his associates, whether individuals or legal entities, accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any consequences visited upon any reader who takes up, uses, or causes or employs any other person to use Radionics for any purpose whatsoever, as a result of reading this website or as a result of any other communication with Nick Franks and associates.