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Large-Architecture Radionic Production System

The ANT MW15 (ALPHA-NUMERIC TRANSDUCER MULTI-WELL 15) is an expandable modular system. It is intended for large-scale production of homoeopathic or other vibrational remedies using Radionic techniques. An extension of the Alpha-Numeric Transducer v3 and SCMFP instruments, additional output Wells can be added in units of 15. This allows a maximum of 150 wells per ANT.

The design allows a constant field integrity to be maintained throughout the structure. As a result production quality standards can be maintained without fall-off or losses at any point in the system.

ANT v3 allows a maximum of 8 Radionic cards to be used – typically – ANT cards, or patterns programmed into cards using the LRI-ULTRA instrument. ANT SCMFP allows a single card to be used. Other sources, such as MGA cards or standard Radionic Rates, may also be used.

Both ANT instruments also have an optional plug-in External Source Well which allows objects such as crystals, samples of herbs, existing vibrational remedies etc, to be used as sources.

The system has 4 basic components:

1. An ANT instrument used as the control device to set potency and introduce remedy cards – typically, ANT v3 or ANT SCMFP.

2. An amplification and distribution unit, MW15A – 10. This ‘amplifies’ the basic Radionic signal evoked by the ANT instrument and allows it to sent to a maximum of ten MW15 modules.

3. A capacitor unit, MW15C. One is required for each MW15 unit.

4. A multiple Well unit, MW15. This has 15 output Wells with associated circuitry housed in a large case.

The system is easy to interconnect using cables fitted with (audio standard type) XLR connectors.

For further information contact Nick Franks: