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The ANT instruments can be used to make copies of existing vibrational remedies or to synthesize new vibrational remedies from physical samples. These can be placed in the card slot of the instrument (mounted for example on a card or glass slide) if the sample is small enough. If the source sample is too large to fit in the card slot, the External Well may then be used in conjunction with an Alpha-Numeric Instrument. Vials or bottles containing existing homoeopathic or other vibrational remedies, or samples of crystals, minerals, herbs, plants, and other substances (such as tissue samples, micro-organisms, etc), can be placed in the External Well. The ‘signal’ then passes through the ANT instrument and flows to the Output Well at the front of the instrument. Carrier material such as water or sac lac can then be placed in a suitable container and located in the Output Well.

Depending on the settings used on the ANT instrument, the copy or synthesized remedy can be made without change in potency (using DIRECT mode, 1:1) or with potency, using the potency selection controls.

The External Well is plugged into the ANT instrument using a standard 6.35mm (1/4 inch) jack-to-jack lead (supplied).

The External Well itself is the same size as the Output Well in the ANT instrument. It is a circular tube with a 45mm (1.77 inches) aperture and a depth of 63mm (2.58 inches).