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There are now four Nick Franks interview videos available on YouTube and an audio interview available on Terrain Theory.

  • Luc Sala (, writer and polymath, interviews Nick about general topics in Radionics.
  • Tim Merlin-Davies, recording studio engineer and designer, interviews Nick about the first edition of his book 21st Century Radionics.
  • Rene Stevens (, an architect, management consultant, coach and social entrepreneur, interviews Nick twice on the topic Radionics – how could it possibly work? Interview part two also covers the introduction of the revised second edition of 21st Century Radionics, and Nick’s encounter with a small fleet of UFOs in Holland.
  • Benjamin Hardy interviews Nick for

Basic Concepts of Radionics & Psychotronics

Nick Franks interviewed by Luc Sala

Radionics – 21st Century Radionics

Nick Franks interviewed by Tim Merlin-Davies

Radionics – Radiesthesia, how can it possibly work? (Part 1)

Nick Franks interviewed by Rene Stevens

Radionics – Radiesthesia, how can it possibly work? (Part 2)

Nick Franks interviewed by Rene Stevens

Nick Franks on radionics, vibrational medicine, and black magic attacks.

Nick Franks interviewed by Benjamin Hardy for (Episode 107)

Click here to listen to audio interview