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The LRI-ULTRA instrument has three basic functions: ANALYSIS, TREATMENT, and REMEDY SYNTHESIS:


LRI-ULTRA can assist with in-depth ANALYSIS of the human Paraphysical and Subtle Bodies. Disturbances to these fields may result in the appearance of illness or symptoms in the physical body. These disturbances can be correlated with a large number of possible causative Factors. These Factors may be identified as sources and reasons for disruption of the human energetic system and, feasibly, illness or symptoms resulting from it.


Having established where disturbed conditions exist in the system, the therapist can attempt to rectify them by applying a range of vibrational patterns. These patterns are derived from the field. The object is to counteract the disturbance and restore or return to, as far as possible, the condition of normality. There are two central aspects to Radionic treatment techniques:

i) Treatment is at a distance. Distance is no object. The patient can be far away from the Radionic instrument but the effect will be the same as if the patient is sitting next to the instrument. Such distant treatment has long been referred to as Radionic broadcasting, although the method does not resemble radio or television broadcasting as, typically, no radio waves are involved. To take this point just a little further, I consider that the Radionic process excites the information field in some way which allows the patient to be entrained with or linked to the selected energy patterns. Physics has many concepts which may be applicable in some way to describe this process.

Presets are energy and information fields which exist in Nature. This group includes Homoeopathic remedies; Gems, Minerals, Crystals and Elements; Flower remedies; Herbs, Plants, Mushrooms and Fungi; Colours; Starlight essences; and so on.

In general LRI-ULTRA can provide the information fields for very many thousands of such remedies, natural or man-made.

Commands (Therapeutic Commands) are treatments which are instructions to the system to do a certain thing. For example: ‘Eliminate Toxins from the Gastro-Intestinal Tract’ ‘Normalise the functioning of the Muscular System’ ‘Delete Viral Infection from the Liver’ and so forth. In general LRI-ULTRA can provide the information fields for very many thousands of such therapeutic commands. Many commands can be constructed, but the essence of the matter is to construct them in a such way as they are effective – not so easy. Commands do not exist in Nature. They are the result of an attempt to apply the therapist’s healing intention to the all-encompassing field and are the essence of Radionic work. The objective is to instruct the field in such as way that it will perform certain actions in accordance with the therapist’s intention. LRI-ULTRA is designed to assist strongly with this process.


This is the process by which LRI-ULTRA can be used to program any of the above-described energy patterns into suitable carrier materials, such as water; sac lac (saccharum lactis – sucrose or lactose tablets); or aqueous base cream. LRI-ULTRA can also program crystal cards, which can be used in the other instruments (ANT, MRI, SRI) as remedy sources.

Most typically LRI-ULTRA can be used to synthesize Homoeopathic remedies, either as single remedies or combinations. One or several potencies may be specified.

However, many other types of remedy, for example, Gem, Mineral, Crystal and Flower essences; Herbs and Plants; and the very many Radionic commands, can also be synthesized by LRI-ULTRA. In effect, any pattern which can be produced by LRI-ULTRA can be synthesized into a carrier material.

Extremely high quality remedies can be obtained from LRI-ULTRA.

Potency Range: LRI-ULTRA can provide remedies over the potency range 4x to 30MM. LRI-ULTRA can also provide remedies as energy patterns without potency (null potency, sometimes denoted Φ).

  1. LRI-ULTRA cannot provide potencies outside this range and cannot provide LM potencies. If these are required, they can be obtained from the ANT (Alpha-Numeric Transducer) range of instruments.
  2. A null potency produced by LRI-ULTRA can be used in an ANT instrument as the basis for producing a potentised remedy, (depending upon which instrument is used) from 1x to 10MMM. Similarly, in standard homoeopathic manufacturing, a mother tincture (Φ) is used as the basis for potentising to the required potency.

It is not necessary to use any Rates, MGA cards, ANT cards, symbols, sigils, or other diagrams with LRI-ULTRA.


THE FIELD: The proposal is that the entire Universe, and all its life forms and their related processes, are equally described by a holographic information field. This field is omnipresent. It may addressed, queried, and to a certain extent, manipulated by the appropriately-skilled human operator. Being holographic, all of its information may be accessed from any physical location. Some of the information in the field we may consider to be waveforms and some parts of it – the elements reflecting what we experience as consciousness – we may as yet have no means of describing in any formal, or perhaps, objective, sense.

There is also a perhaps poorly-defined but nonetheless often-described form of energy involved. This has many names and its existence has been proposed for thousands of years. For example in China this energy is known as Qi; in Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, Prana; in Homoeopathy, the Vital Force; and in more modern terminology, Orgone. There are many discussions as to the exact nature of this essential energy.

RADIONICS: Radionics is a healing art in which the skills and focused intention of the therapist are paramount. The therapist intends to heal and in doing so seeks to manipulate the field to attempt to provide solutions to the patient’s difficulties. The therapist seeks to draw the appropriate information from the field and apply it to the patient; Radionics is a technique which allows such actions to be performed. The information applied is intended to counteract disturbances in the patient’s personal bio-energetic field. The hope is that this will enable the reduction or elimination of symptoms perceived by the patient.

Radionic work has many intuitive aspects but it should always be used with appropriate knowledge of physical conditions. If a patient has a certain disease or problem, understanding the disease and its symptoms is normally the starting point for analysis and any subsequent work.

Radionics is often used in conjunction with Radiesthesic (dowsing) or similar techniques.

LRI-ULTRA: a type of Radionic instrument, a Coherent Energy Transfer Instrument (CETI), which allows communication with sectors of this underlying information field. These sectors are prepared so that they are accessible to the operator. Their function is to allow analysis and treatment of organisms – most specifically, humans, but also animals; and remedy synthesis.

Techniques are also under development to allow LRI-ULTRA to be used to treat the plant and vegetable kingdoms and, to a certain extent, the environment.


Instructions are given to LRI-ULTRA by thinking (or speaking) to it. Instructions should be clear and simple: ‘LRI-ULTRA, please synthesize Sulphur 30C into this carrier material’ (etc). LRI-ULTRA’s responses can be read with the pendulum or other radiesthesic devices, using the accompanying charts. LRI-ULTRA understands many languages and the charts can be provided in various languages.


To assist the user, LRI-ULTRA is supplied with 5 extensive analysis Charts:

CHART 1 provides a general overview of Paraphysical and Subtle Body Factors and Locations. It is especially suitable for quick general working.

CHART 2 enables a detailed analysis of the Subtle Bodies.

CHART 3 enables a detailed analysis of the Paraphysical Body in terms of its main paraphysical (morphogenetic) fields i.e. the energy counterparts to the organs, systems and structures identified by orthodox anatomy and physiology. Charts 1, 2, and 3 may be used in conjunction with Chart 4 to give a detailed analysis of causative Factors which may be impacting the subtle energy system.

CHART 4 provides a very extended list of Factors (Causations).

CHART 5 indicates a range of Therapies and Treatments.

A sixth Chart, the Hot Spot Chart, indicates the two input and three output Hotspots on the surface of the instrument. Input Hotspots are used to enter patient witnesses into the field of the instrument. Output Hotspots are used for charging remedies into carrier materials.


LRI-ULTRA is multi-tasking. At the present time (October 2017) no limit to the memory capacity of LRI-ULTRA has been found. This includes:

  1. number of patients which can be stored;
  2. number of treatments which can be given concurrently;
  3. number of remedies which can be stored and accessed.

LRI-ULTRA is not suitable for beginners or inexperienced practitioners.

For further information please contact Nick Franks: