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WHAT IS RADIONICS gives you a general description of Radionics.

21st CENTURY RADIONICS introduces you to a major book about Radionics, written by Nick Franks and published by him in 2012.

ANT v3 introduces you to the Alpha-Numeric Transducer v3 (ANT v3) 8-card treatment instrument. This instrument can also be used for the synthesis of combination vibrational remedies.

ANT 'Remedy Maker' introduces you to the Alpha-Numeric Transducer SCMFP (Single Card, Multi-Function Potentiser) treatment instrument. This instrument is for the synthesis of homoeopathic and other vibrational remedies. It may also be used as to give distant treatments.

LRI introduces you to the Large-architecture Radionic Instrument, an intention-driven instrument which assists in both analysis and treatment.

MRI introduces you to the Midi (Medium size) Radionic Instrument, which can be used for treatment and remedy synthesis.

SRI (Small Radionic Instrument) is a simple low-cost device which can be used for both treatment and remedy synthesis.

MGA - RAE provides information about Malcolm Rae's pioneering Magneto-Geometric system, developed in the 1970s. The first instruments I designed were developments of original Rae instruments for the MGA company. Since I receive enquiries about Malcolm Rae I thought it would be useful to include information about this important Radionic pioneer and his achievements.

MUSIC gives brief details about music composed by Nick Franks.

CONTACT & LINKS gives contact details for Nick Franks and other information.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER contains important warnings about the scope, applications, uses and limitations of Radionics.