In general, and very simply put, the proposition is that all material objects in the physical universe have an underlying formative field. This field is composed of consciousness and prototypical forces; the interaction of the two generates information. It is this field, and the information patterns within it, which is the creator and maintainer of physical forms. Some of these concepts are recognized in Physics (Quantum Mechanics), where it can be found that physicists such as Schrödinger and de Broglie suggested that physical forms at every level and every scale result from the transition from waveforms to particles (collapse of the wave function). Although this transition is typically associated with the well-known experiments on light (the double slit experiment), the process can in fact be associated with the appearance of all physical matter from the underlying field. A relationship between the consciousness of the observer and the outcome of these prototypical experiments is apparent, but its exact nature is strongly debated. One central idea is that in some way consciousness creates reality; humans can only experience external reality through perception of it, and perception is typically modified or qualified by a vast range of preconceptions. What we 'know' qualifies what we 'see'. Ideas of this type, how they relate to the esoteric model of the human being, how they are involved with consciousness, and how they are used in Radionics, are described in more detail in the book 21st Century Radionics by Nick Franks.

The LRI (Large Radionic Instrument) is designed to provide the user with an enhanced, dynamic and developable linkage with the Universal Information Field, or Universal PSI-Information Field, mentioned above. It is proposed that this field is the source for the codes used in Radionics. The linkage provided by the LRI is intended to assist the user in obtaining a level of access and accuracy not generally attainable, regardless of degree of mental development and intuitional attunement. The instrument therefore opens, in principal, a new vista of possibilities. A possible basic analogy is space exploration. The naked eye can see all of the visible Universe but the resolution provided by ordinary vision does not allow direct perception of detail. The use of telescopes has expanded the opportunity for observation by revealing objects not clearly perceptible with the naked eye. Similarly, LRI may enable the user to penetrate deeper into the information field and by this means access data not easily available using standard Radiesthesic (dowsing) techniques.

In general terms, LRI may assist with the following:

1. In-depth ANALYSIS of the human Paraphysical and Subtle Bodies. Disturbances to these fields may result in the appearance of illness or symptoms in the physical body. These disturbances can be correlated with a large number of possible causative Factors. These Factors may be identified as the sources and reasons for disruption of the human energetic system and, feasibly, illness or symptoms resulting therefrom.

2. TREATMENT, which can be given automatically by LRI; these include a wide range of treatments to Atmic, Buddhic, Mental, Astral and Physical-Etheric Bodies; and to Chakras, Meridians (including Interior Meridians), Cell memory, and Bindu Points. Although LRI can give a wide range of treatments automatically, it is NOT an automatic treatment instrument. The practitioner cannot simply 'ask' it to treat a patient on an ongoing basis and then forget about it without further monitoring by the practitioner. Every process using LRI requires the direction (by mentally-formed commands) of the practitioner.

3. SYNTHESIS, to a high degree of accuracy, of the energy patterns of many forms of Homoeopathic, Gem, Colour, Flower, Herb and other Plant remedies; LRI can, potentially, also find and synthesise remedies suitable for the patient which are presently unknown to Materia Medicas. Synthesized remedies can typically be charged into water, pillules or other suitable carrier materials and a very wide range of potencies, including LM potencies, can be employed.  Combination remedies may also be requested. The minute amounts of physical material found in low potencies cannot be replicated by LRI.

4. PROGRAMMING RE-CHARGEABLE CARDS with the energy patterns of homoeopathic, flower, herb, plant, gem and colour remedies and LRI’s own repertoire of treatments. 8 rechargeable Cards are provided with the instrument. When programmed these can then be used in the ANT, MRI and SRI  instruments described in this website.
To assist the user, LRI is supplied with 5 extensive analysis Charts:

CHART 1 provides a general overview of Physical and Subtle Body Factors and Locations. It is especially suitable for quick general working.

CHART 2 enables a detailed analysis of the Subtle Bodies.

CHART 3 enables a detailed analysis of the Physical Body in terms of its main paraphysical (morphogenetic) fields i.e. the energy counterparts to the organs, systems and structures identified by orthodox anatomy and physiology. Charts 1, 2, and 3 may be used in conjunction with Chart 4 to give a detailed analysis of causative Factors which may be impacting the subtle energy system.

Chart 4 provides a very extended list of Factors (Causations).

Chart 5 indicates a range of Therapies and Treatments.

The LRI is designed to assist the user not only in analysis of the patient’s subtle energy fields but also with treatments. LRI may be used in different ways according to the degree of skill, methodology and experience of the user and may be combined with various different therapies. Practitioners also using bio-resonance machines or techniques such as kinesiology will be able to test remedies synthesized by LRI and should be able to see their quality and integrity.

The LRI is intended to be an indispensable counterpart to the Alpha-Numeric Transducer and other treatment instruments manufactured by Nick Franks.

LRI is not suitable for beginners or inexperienced practitioners. It does not use electricity or magnets. Further information is available on request.